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Tidal details are for Osea Island unless otherwise stated.

BBQ on Osea Island. Saturday 22nd August 2020 HW 1550(A) 5.8 m. CANCELLED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER FORECAST

A chance to get together, sail in company to Osea, anchor and journey to the beach.

Enjoy the socially distanced pleasure below the high water line on the beach. Blackwater mud the prime anti-covid19 treatment the world has never heard of.

Club provides portable disposable BBQ’s. Members the food/ liquid nourishment.

Return on Sunday 23rd August 2020 HW 1630(A) 5.7 m.

MMC Club House BBQ Saturday 20th June 2020. HW 1310(A) 4.9 m.

Bradwell Weekend Rally.

Saturday 05th September 2020. HW 1530(A) 5.3 m. 

Return: Sunday 06th September 2020. HW 1600(A) 5.2 m.

Lay Up Lunch.  Saturday 14th November 2020. Venue TBA

If you have any ideas of events or rallies that you feel we should take part in, then let the Rear Commodore know.


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